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Legendary small plastic skateboards Penny from Australia. They have their own unique style and are built to last. Production accuracy is unreal, strength and durability extra long, super fast bearings.

What about the company founder says Ben Mackay and how all this developed?

Original Penny Australia

From a young age he is skateboarding inspired and influenced all phases of my life. In 5 years, I got my first plastic skateboard. Ukecal I dad to the garage evicting its truck Kingswood, so it was a nice area and we built a kicker ramp. I always had a board on the other hand, I would paint them blue with gold stripes ... As I grew, I began to be a small garage. I drove down the hill and rode wherever it went. It was scary, it was exciting, it was bliss, it was beautiful. Nearly 30 years later, I realized that it was time that I dusted off the small plastic plate on which I started ...

Penny Board Australia Original

12 years of experience in the production of skateboards and everything I learned during the design process, I transferred to a unique plastic skateboard with high power, long life, for a very entertaining ride. When looking at any Original Penny Board Australia, every detail, every component that puts together the final product Penny Board, it is at first glance, and especially when driving underfoot feel the quality and uniqueness. And this is what distinguishes Original Penny Board Australia from others ...

Every Penny Skateboard is built from the finest materials and fanatical attention to detail. All Penny Boards are designed to look good, famously rode, and overcome all your expectations.

Penny Board Australia Original, since forever.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items